TransActions May/June 2019

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FERC ROE Policy in a Flux: What’s Happening & Why it Matters

For supposedly a slow-moving industry, there is a lot going on in the electrical industry. One area that may not grab the headlines but is no less important, is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC” or the “Commission”) policy on Return on Equity (“ROE”). This rate sets the regulated profit for investor-owned utilities in respect of their FERC regulated transmission assets and plays a significant role in how much wholesale transmission customers and many retail ratepayers pay for transmission service . With no slow down expected in transmission construction across the country, the importance of return on equity will only increase. For the last few years, FERC’s policy on this front has been mired in somewhat of a vacuum following a DC Circuit court remand of a 2014 FERC decision in an ISO New England case, but more recently the Commission has reignited the debate by proposing a drastic change in how it determines a just and reasonable ROE as part of its response to the court’s remand. In this article we look at what exactly the Commission is proposing and how coops and municipalities can continue to protect their members and retail customers in this time of FERC ROE Policy flux. Read Full Article 

Is Your City Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Most seasoned business travelers can quickly adjust when arriving in a new city, particularly to the level of available technology commonly used to travel. Whether the convenience is a rideshare service from the airport, traffic and parking data, or public wifi access, there are a flurry of modern conveniences that are expected of some cities. Millions of data points are collected and processed as the business traveler unknowingly walks under and around the equipment that is providing the information. READ FULL ARTICLE 

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September 10: Battery Energy Storage Systems

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