TransActions 2024 Issue Q1/Q2

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Historically, military installations have relied on Base Operations Support Services (BOSS) contractors for utility operations, often resulting in limited responsibility and long-term maintenance incentives. In response to the need for improved maintenance and funding, the Federal Government initiated Utility Privatization (UP) contracts in the 1990s. UP contracts transfer ownership and operation of utility systems to the private sector for a fixed period, typically 50 years. These contracts aim to enhance the quality, efficiency, and reliability of utility services through private sector expertise and

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The load forecast, or for the old hands among us, the power requirements study, is a useful planning tool, undergirding efforts such as budgeting, integrated resource planning, and energy efficiency/demand response market potential studies. As I like to say about a load forecast I’ve developed is that it’s guaranteed to be wrong or your money back! And of course, everyone realizes that planning in the future is difficult since the future of energy is fraught with uncertainty. And for load forecasters and planners, recent trends have increased the challenges of developing the best possible load forecast.

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