Transactions 2023 Issue Q4


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DEVELOPING ON CALL ENERGY & CAPACITY SECURITY - PART 3:  As provided in Part 1 and 2 of this three-part series, there are industry proven power project development and asset management processes which can be utilized to effectively develop, own, and manage a natural gas fired generation resource. The last of a series of three articles, this article outlines the process and provides a framework that can be followed when a joint development and joint ownership structure is put in place to develop, build, and operate the project. Read the full article.



ELECTRIC VEHICLES-FORECASTING, GRID IMPACTS & PROACTIVE PLANNING: Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining momentum globally, with many countries and automakers setting aggressive EV adoption targets. Rapid EV adoption represents both an opportunity (energy sales growth) and a challenge (infrastructure and demand costs) for electric utilities. Thoughtful forecasting, grid impact analysis, and proactive planning will allow utilities to cost-effectively integrate new EV loads while maintaining high reliability standards. This article provides an overview of key capabilities utilities should
develop to properly prepare for wide-scale EV adoption in their service territory. Read the full article.