Serving California and the West Coast

GDS Associates, Inc. has added two California consultants to the team, ready to serve California and the surrounding West Coast area.

Formerly with the California ISO, Perry Servedio and Donald Tretheway have joined GDS. Mr. Servedio will serve as a Senior Project Consultant and Mr. Tretheway will fill the role of Managing Director. They bring specialized experience to join a talented team including: Kevin Mara, P.E., Executive Vice President; Garrett Cole, P.E., Principal; John Chiles, Principal; Howard Choy, Executive Consultant; Gary Saleba, Executive Consultant; Amber Gschwend, Managing Director; and Matt Smith, Senior Project Engineer.

The timing of this addition couldn’t be better to help valued California and West Coast clients tackle current industry issues such as CAISO and Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Design (EDAM, Wheeling Priorities, Scarcity, Resource Adequacy) Battery Storage (Bid Optimization, O&M, Degradation, Configuration) Renewable Solar, Wind & Hydrogen Resource & Decarbonization Planning Interconnection, Powerflow Modeling & Transmission Queue Applications Portfolio Management & Clean Energy, "Zero Carbon" IRP Planning, Transmission, Retail Rates, Distribution Planning and Energy Efficiency.

 As a multi-service consulting and engineering firm, GDS offers clients multiple sources for assistance, ensuring completecompetent, and timely service. Our specialized staff of over 180 employees are located across 9 offices nationwide, with 4 full-time consultants in California and additional team members in our Washington office.

Meet the West Coast Team:

Kevin Mara, P.E. - Executive Vice President

  • 30 Years of strategic distribution system engineering and planning, engineer and lineman training/ seminars, NESC, system reliability, and system resiliency
  • Let’s Talk: Microgrid, Distributed Resource Interconnection, Resiliency
  • Marietta, GA  / 678.488.4691

john chiles - Principal

  • image-png-430 Years of transmission planning, system operations, regional transmission expansion review, system impact and facilities study evaluation, FERC and  Commission expert testimony
  • Let’s Talk: Powerflow and Stability Analysis (PSLF/PSSE), Generation Interconnection, System Impact Studies, Regional Transmission Planning
  • Marietta, GA  / 770.845.7230

Garrett Cole, P.E. - Principal GarrettCole

  • 20+ Years of strategic supply portfolio management, renewable analytics and battery storage economic consulting + PPA negotiation, RTO markets, Interconnection, RA
  • Let’s Talk: Solar, Wind PPAs, Energy Storage Agreements, Portfolio Management, Strategic Interconnection, Production Cost Modeling
  • Sacramento, CA / 916.246.1588

DonaldTrethewayDonald Tretheway - Managing director - New team member!

  • 12+ Years at CAISO, specializing in policy and market design with key role in development of Western EIM, 15-Min. RT Market & Flex Ramping
  • Let’s Talk: EIM, CAISO Imports/Exports, Extended Day-Ahead Market (EDAM)
  • Sacramento, CA / 916.934.8672


Perry Servedio - senior project consultant - new team member!

  • 10 Years at CAISO, electrical engineer specializing in policy and market design; 3 Years at FERC with key role in policy evaluation and stakeholder review
  • Let’s Talk: CAISO Imports/Exports, Scarcity Pricing, Resource Adequacy (RA), Interconnection, Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs)
  • Sacramento, CA / 916.945.6502


  • 20+ Years at L.A. County, 10+ Years in CCA feasibility and implementation services
  • Let’s Talk: Energy Efficiency Programs, Demand Response, Conservation, Public Policy, CCA Start-Up
  • Camarillo, CA / 323.204.6134


  • 40+ Years in Energy Consulting, 10+ Years in CCA feasibility and implementation services
  • Let’s Talk: CCA Start-Up / Feasibility / Implementation, CPUC Policy
  • Kirkland, WA / 425.655.1039

Amber Gschwend - Managing Director

  • 10+ Years in Energy Consulting, Retail Rate & Cost of Service Studies, EE Potential, Load Forecasting, CCAs
  • Let’s Talk: Retail Rates, EE Potential Studies, Electric Load Forecasts
  • Kirkland, WA / 425.665.1042


  • 15+ Years in Battery Storage/Solar Analytics,
    Grid-Scale Configuration, Commissioning, Bid Optimization, O&M Plan Development, Brand Selection
  • Let’s Talk: Solar & Battery Storage Strategy, Economics & Technical Review, CAISO Energy Storage Enhancement
  •  Jupiter, FL / 404.710.8348