Phishing & Smishing Campaigns: Steps to Protect Your Personal Info

Cyber Security 2023 (1)Phishing and Smishing campaigns are becoming more advanced with the introduction of AI language models such as ChatGPT. This allows an attacker to create a more fluid and less suspicious emails that are harder to identify.

With the number of cyber security breaches and attacks you need to be aware that your personal information is most likely on the dark web for sale. Some protections to prevent that information from being used against you would be the following:

Subscribe to an identity protection service that will notify you if any of your information is found on the dark web.

  When in doubt do not click a link.

 If you receive a suspicious text message that appears to be from your bank do not click the link and call your bank with the number that you know to verify the validity of the text message.

 Change your passwords regularly and never use the same password on multiple accounts.

   Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for all accounts that support it.

   If you use a password service just know that those companies are not perfect and they do suffer from cyber-attacks. Although most of the services save the passwords locally on your device with encryption you need to be aware the master password could still be found. It is recommended if an account allowed MFA and Biometric security to use those as they are much harder for attackers to bypass.

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