GDS Volunteers at The Salvation Army Marietta Corps

On Thursday, June 13, our Marietta office volunteered at The Salvation Army Marietta Corps. Their resources are centered on homelessness services and youth enrichment in-order-to help impact long-term positive change for people who seek support.

Our team spent the day interacting with the children who were attending the summer camp and creating food packages for families to take home. The day started with helping the summer camp teachers in the classroom, where students were coloring. Later, our team got the opportunity to play with the children during their activity time. It was a great experience for GDS to interact with the children and spend the day with them.

We also spent some time in the food pantry, where we created food packages for families to take home with them. The program is there for those who would otherwise not have access to basic needs, such as food. The Salvation Army Homeless Resource Center’s mission is to meet the needs of those in our community by providing a safe and caring environment. GDS Associates would like to thank them for allowing us to volunteer with them and help out in our community.