JH (002)The Employee Spotlight for September is Mr. Jolly Hayden. Prior to GDS, Jolly was COO of Golden Spread Electric Cooperative. Though he loved the job, the people and Amarillo, over 4 years of a 500 mile commute led to the need to be home regularly. Jolly spent some time as an independent consultant and was then approached about an opportunity at GDS. His history with the company over the years built a level of respect for the firm and the people and he joined the GDS team in Fall of 2020 as Managing Director, Rates and Regulatory out of the Austin, TX office.  

Jolly’s 30 years of experience cover most all facets of the energy and utility space. He has provided services in the areas of strategic planning, project management, process improvement, budget management, new ventures and enterprise start-up, growth and development strategies, team leadership and development, safety performance, reorganization, negotiations, technical team building, development and training, system analysis, policy development and implementation, process and control implementation, and industry lobbying.

Since joining the GDS team, Jolly has enjoyed getting to know everyone across the organization and has been amazed at the quality and capabilities GDS has to offer its clients. His recent work includes:

  • Helping a developer integrate utility scale solar and storage into the ERCOT market
  • Helping a group a coops review and challenge their fuel bills associated with the winter freeze
  • Assist a developer evaluate storage opportunities in ERCOT and SPP
  • Help develop a GDS Economic Development basket of service offerings to muni and coops.

What has working at GDS taught you? What are your interests in your field of work?

I love being able to pull various skill sets together across the company to help meet the clients’ needs. I also am excited to be a part of the most dynamic change this industry has ever seen!

Describe GDS in 3 words.

Class Act People

What hashtags describe your personality best?

#hardworking   #dedicated    #resourceful      #funloving #motivated    #energetic    #caring     #thoughtful

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

Hanging with my boys watching or playing sports, working out, music, travel to name a few

What is the best vacation you’ve been on? Why?

Alaska, the beauty is beyond description

Do you have a favorite quote?

From my dad – “Hindsight is 20-15, not 20-20”

Any career lessons you have learned thus far?

The foundational things I have learned include how important teamwork is to the success of an organization and that having a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, experience and expertise is a key. However, if you don’t have a foundation of respect for all people, you will fail.

Do you have a favorite film or television show?

I grew up watching MASH with my dad and tried to adopt the Hawkeye Pierse philosophy of life: “You have to be a bit crazy to remain sane in this world”

What is on your bucket list?

Build my own airplane and travel to all continents are two of them

Tell us about your family/what do you like to do with your family and friends?

My three boys are in college now. Love shooting hoops with them both on land and in the pool. Our Golden Retriever, Slugger likes to play too.