Employee Spotlight February 2020

Maria Elena Eick

Senior Project Consultant | Dallas, TX

The Employee Spotlight February 2020 is MariaElena Eick.  Mrs. Eick joined GDS in 1996 and is a Senior Project Consultant in the Utility Rates and Regulations Texas Group.  She is based in Dallas, Texas, however works closely with the Austin, Texas team. MariaElena graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Business Administration and went on to earn her MBA from The University of Texas at Dallas.  With over 20 years of experience in the utility industry, she specializes in rate making for electric, water and gas clients.  MariaElena presents expert testimony in regulatory proceedings and prepares Transmission Cost Recovery Factor (TCRF) filings before the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  She also assists in strategy and proposal development for Utility Privatization projects to assist clients in their efforts to acquire the electric, gas, water distribution systems, and wastewater collection systems formerly owned by Department of Defense installations.  MariaElena enjoys spending time with her husband Dave and two boys, Mark (8) and Jacob (4), supporting them in sports activities and exploring the City of Dallas together.


What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

On my day off I can be found spending time with my family and friends.  I love to read and attend a monthly book club.  I read over 60 books last year.  My husband and I enjoy going to concerts (especially at outdoor venues) and the symphony.


What is the best vacation you’ve been on?

Last summer my family and I went on an epic road trip.  We spent 17 days on the road and started by going to Omaha to see a College World Series baseball game.  We saw the University of Michigan (my husband’s alma mater) beat Texas Tech.  Then we went to the Badlands National Park; Mount Rushmore; spent a week tent camping in Yellowstone National Park and Teton; explored Jackson Hole for a day; went to Denver and then Breckenridge, CO; camped in central Colorado for a few days; then stopped in Santa Fe on the way home.  Yellowstone was our favorite.  Who can forget the sweeping expanses, breathtaking views, and herds of roaming bison?  My son also caught his very first fish, a cutthroat trout, at Yellowstone Lake.  We put a lot of miles on our wagon but will never forget that trip.  Our next adventures include skiing in New Mexico this February and a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Before I moved out of Austin, the condo I was selling was featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters Austin.  My condo was not selected but it was fun to be there during filming of the show.


Do you volunteer or participate in any extra-curricular activities?

I volunteer on the Board of the PTA at my son’s elementary school of 800+ students.  I serve as the Website Chair and run the PTA’s website and online store.  I also volunteer my time by periodically teaching a class for friends and neighbors to teach them how to navigate the Texas powertochoose.org website and select an optimal electric provider and plan for their home.